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Oracle Entertainment Media, Inc is a NYC based TV production service, which primarily providers video taping services to the Broadcast Industry. Art Benger and Joseph Jackson have both worked in the NYC area for many years and know the region well. Their collective experience goes a long way in saving clients time and money.


Most current clients are long-standing and demand a high standard professionalism, and creativity. Oracle Entertainment Media has many network and and main stream media clients such as CBS, ABC, NBC News, Court TV, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and ESPN.  Art and Joseph have consistently provided these organizations with cost effective video production, in order o meet their budgetary constraints.


Oracle Entertainment's production expertise covers everything from sit down interviews with Bill Clinton to producing multi-camera shoots for Joan Rivers in Time Square. Whatever the production needs, Art and Joe get the job done!


Video production in NYC often presents challenges that are not always apparent. Security issues when traveling with equipment, parking problems, and getting crews to location are routinely resolved by Oracle Entertainment. We have NYC Press Plates and accreditation, which facilitates parking in areas other crews can not reach.


Very often commercial buildings require a certificate insurance, prior to entry. Not all camera crews have the necessary liability insurance. We maintain liability insurance for all locations jobs. Additionally, we are a union crew, both NABET and IBEW. Non-union crews may not be able to complete a critical production without the appropriate union credentials.


In summary, Oracle Entrainment Media offers creativity, professionalism, years of "street wise" experience, and most importantly, peace of mind for our clients. All crews are not created equal. When you need video production, call Art Benger at 646-734-2814 or Joseph Jackson at 917-972-2632.

Art Benger



Art: (646) 734-2814

Joseph: (917) 972-2632


Address: New York, New York



Experienced DP / Camera Operator. Solid shooting stories, from documentaries, PSAs, news releases, infomercials, commercials, reality shows, news segments, lighting skills, DP work, strong visuals, reenacts, working in the business since 1983. Currently co owner with Joseph Jackson Oracle Entertainment Media. Have HDX 900 with Ki-Pro recording device, working also with the 5D camera, lights led, HMI, chimera, mood, tone lighting. Monitors, wireless mics. Did pilot for Man vs. Food for Sharp Entertainment and they were able to sell the show to The Travel Channel. NBC Nightly News, ABC World News, various cable shows. I have been in the industry since 1983.

Art: (646) 734-2814

Joseph: (917) 972-2632







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